For customers who would like to convert or transfer information between different sources and formats, Dexik would like to propose our new Conversion Solution built on our cloud conversion framework.

Data transfer and data conversion become more and more common task as customers choose between different options they have in the market.

The main problem is how to convert a huge amount of data represented as DB records, files, or any other form into the new form customer desires to see.

What if the conversion source is TB of data or files?

Here are the main problems:

  • How to convert huge data in reasonable time?
  • How to minimize customer's expenses related to possible work process interruption?
  • How to ensure that all data is converted?
  • How to control the process and handle possible faults?
  • How to utilize the existing or new hardware at maximum efficiency?

In our system, we had found answers
to all these questions

Here they are:

Our engineers have developed the advanced ways of data conversion that, accompanied by DTPS features, give you performance at the maximum of hardware capabilities

Our analysts and engineers will develop a plan that allows you to make a few to no stops in your current production. Our team is ready to work on the weekends to ensure the success

We log both successful operations and faults and will provide a customized statistic for you. Our DTPS features ensure that no tasks are lost or hanging

The features of cloud conversion system ensure the maximum scalability that could be achieved with the existing or new hardware

We log our operations at several levels and can customize the fault notifications so that your personnel are aware, feels comfortable and "in control". In case of any faults, we will provide a resolution in the most responsive manner possible


Dexik was able to raise the bar in processing converting proprietary imaging formats to standard formats at an incredible rate of 1,000,000 images per hour.

Converting the format of your image data from one manufacturer's image format to another or to an industry standard TIFF, JPEG, PDF etc.

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